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Emergency Response

We are one of the few organizations on the Windward side of Oahu that has the ability to quickly assist wounded service members and their families with immediate needs.

We are able to provide accommodations, meals, and other services. Funds upon which we can rely for crises that are not otherwise quickly or adequately supported by other agencies make a huge difference, especially when there has been a loss of life or critical illness.


Transition to Civilian Life

A majority of our wounded, ill and injured need assistance in preparing for civilian life. We offer:

  • Transition retreats

  • Mentors

  • Training and certification

  • Internships

  • Networking with federal agencies, DoD contractors, small businesses, and service organizations that offer employment opportunities.


Family Support 

The impact of injury and illness is not just felt by the service member, but also by each member of the family.

We arrange family day events such as caregiver appreciation days/retreats, monthly meals at the barracks, holiday celebrations, marriage celebrations and baby showers, equine therapy and therapeutic horsemanship, books for post-traumatic stress and grief, snorkeling and whale watch trips, sailing with local skippers, family-friendly shows and concerts, and Kualoa Ranch package tours.

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